Saturday, April 17, 2010

Peer-les Examination of the R-l Works in Italy. Marks. London: H. Fores, [n.d.]

Caroline met Bartolomeo Pergami in Milan. He was sixteen years her junior, six feet three inches tall, with a full head of curly black hair and a luxurious moustache. He dressed in the uniform of the Italian Hussars. Caroline quickly hired him for her household. Some months later she hired his sister as a Lady-in-Waiting. The sister spoke no English or French and was unsophisticated. She had no skills to match the job and was given no duties. Caroline bought an estate for Pergami and the title of “Baron” as well. She promoted him to chamberlain of her household. Caroline’s English servants gave notice.
Rumors swirled and unfavorable eye-witness accounts began to arrive with regularity in England. George pressed for an investigation. Brougham, her old ally and personal Attorney-General, sent his brother, James, for a visit. He reported back: “They are to all appearances man and wife; never was anything more obvious…”

LC28 2

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