Saturday, April 17, 2010

Box of Useful Knowledge (Caricature of Henry Brougham). London: S. Tregear, 1832

On January 14, 1813, Brougham sent a letter to the Prince Regent which Caroline signed as her own, protesting her situation. When George did not reply, he leaked it to the newspaper. It was reprinted and commented on in other papers. Broadsides and prints supporting Caroline flooded the market. George retaliated by leaking the most damaging depositions taken during the “Delicate Investigation” of 1806. Brougham leaked the depositions in favor of Caroline. Various public groups were encouraged to write letters in favor of Caroline. Caroline’s responses, written by Brougham, always expressed her faith in the good sense of the British public, and its strong sense of justice – just what the public wished to hear! As rewarding as this turn of events was for Caroline, it fatigued her. She announced that she wanted to move abroad permanently. Brougham couldn’t stop her. The Government hoped that once set free on the continent, Caroline’s conduct would provide solid grounds for divorce.

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