Saturday, April 17, 2010

Legal Reform and No Mistake. London: C. Hodgson, [n.d.]

Henry Peter Brougham (1779-1868) was a Scotsman by birth, a lawyer by profession, a Member of Parliament, but chiefly remembered as a liberal leader, reformer, and powerful orator. In 1820, Queen Caroline, the estranged wife of George IV, found herself the subject of a Pains and Penalty Bill aimed at dissolving her marriage and stripping her of her Royal title. She hired Henry Brougham as her Attorney-General. He led a legal team, which included Thomas Denman, that eloquently defended Caroline and made Brougham one of the most famous men in the country. In 1830, he became Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain and was raised to the peerage as Baron Brougham and Vaux. During his tenure, the 1832 Reform Act and the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 were passed. Also, he became an extremely popular subject for caricature.

LC28 1.1

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