Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lord Brougham. Lithograph No. 90 by the Ligony Brothers. Paris: Rosselin, [n.d.]

Caroline needed a strong ally and Henry Brougham (pronounced “Broom”) saw in Caroline an ideal weapon to use for his own political causes. Brougham was an intelligent, knowledgeable leader in Whig politics, and a strong debater. He supported anti-establishment causes such as John and Leigh Hunt, who were found guilty of libel. The Hunts had called George, “The Prince of Whales” (referring to his girth) among other less humorous epitaphs. Brougham, ever sensitive to public opinion and ways to sway it, made certain that almost every newspaper carried his defense speeches. He used the same tool in Caroline’s case.

LC 27 2

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